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Guest blog: Talisker - return to the promised land

16 July 2009 14:30 in

The word about the place is profitability has returned to dealer networks. Trading is good, helped by the scrappage scheme for some and despite the broader gloom in the economy, the retail motor trade isn’t a bad place to be.

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MG Rover - calling in the Serious Fraud Office has confused matters

16 July 2009 12:45 in

Is it just me that sees the re-emergence of the MG Rover crisis into the headlines a twisting of a knife that’s pain had been a little dulled over time?

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The only certainty is uncertainty and uncertainty brings opportunity

25 June 2009 09:49 in

Our dealer conference on June 4, which saw a record number of delegates listen to 20 speakers, experts and panellists – itself a record in the event’s five-year history – revealed how our certainties so often provide the best grounds for debate.

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