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Go To Know – NADA Convention 2010, Orlando

17 March 2010 12:30 in

A team of 12 from Scotland’s Phoenix Car Company was led by group sales director Russell Smith to this year’s National Automobile Dealers Association Convention in Orlando.

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Guest blog: Toyota - the road ahead

24 February 2010 17:37 in

There can be no greater threat to a brand than the possible chipping of the foundations upon which it has built its reputation.

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NADA insight: McEleney dealer/manufacturer relations

15 February 2010 09:28 in

At the to opening of the North American Dealers Association convention on Orlando this month, NADA chairman John McEleney had this to say in his welcoming speech, raising two pertinent points: one regarding the economic crisis and the other the Toyota recall. I thought AM users would like to read it.

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