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Block Exemption: What’s the real likelihood of June 1 ushering in overwhelming change?

07 December 2012 09:30 in

With 2013 nearly upon us, one date every vehicle dealer will probably want to circle on next year’s wall calendar is June 1.

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Is Audi City the dealership of the future?

09 November 2012 12:36 in

I recently visited Audi City in central London to experience the German brand's vision of future automotive retail.

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Guest blog: Can dealers learn from the demise of Comet?

05 November 2012 12:09 in

Big, retail outfits such as Comet - like the motor dealer groups of the day - effectively controlled the way most goods reached consumers. The internet has changed that, of course, and is the central reason for Comet’s collapse.

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