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Automotive Management Live

Expert and keynote speakers will provide insights into the many challenges facing the industry in our ‘Best Practice’ seminar sessions which will cover a range of topics including new and used car retailing and aftersales practice. Suppliers will showcase the scope of their business, products and services whilst insight, best practice and exploring future trends will ensure the day will be highly informative and packed full of new ideas.

Today’s automotive retail environment is highly competitive whilst the market itself is incredibly complex and influenced by a number of interweaving factors. Gone are the days of operating in silos such as new cars, used cars, service, IT and marketing, businesses need to adopt an integrated approach and deliver a seamless experience to the customer on and offline.

Integrating the various aspects of the modern dealership requires general managers, dealer principles and senior directors to have a holistic view of their business, the wider market, key influences and developments. Meanwhile, line managers including sales managers, service managers and marketing managers need to fully understand all elements of the business in order to provide a coordinated approach and deliver the best returns.

Automotive Management Live will provide you with the best insight into a sector that’s currently evolving potentially beyond all recognition. It promises to be high profile, fast paced, insightful and enjoyable.

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