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First drive: Chrysler Sebring – on sale now
20/08/2007 in First Drive

Launching a new car into the D segment is never an easy task, especially when the new Ford Mondeo has been stealing the headlines.

First drive: Vauxhall Antara – on sale now
16/08/2007 in First Drive

Antara is Vauxhall’s first SUV since Frontera production stopped in 2003.

First drive: Jaguar XKR – on sale now
24/07/2007 in First Drive

Jaguar’s dealers have had a hard time in recent years, being forced to watch the manufacturer de-value its brand and diminish their profits as it chased volume and market share.

First drive: Citroën C-Crosser – on sale now
24/07/2007 in First Drive

With the Citroën C1, Peugeot 107 and Toyota Aygo triplets, dealers had to find a way to highlight the differences between three technically identical cars.

First drive: Volvo V70 and XC70 – on sale September
24/07/2007 in First Drive

During the last few decades, Volvo has built its reputation around its large, solid, dependable estate cars. The new V70 and its beefed-up XC70 crossover spin-off look set to continue that story when they arrive in UK showrooms this September.

First drive: Ford Focus CC-3 – on sale now
24/07/2007 in First Drive

The Focus CC is Ford’s offering for the growing hard-top convertible sector.

First drive: Chevrolet Captiva – on sale now
11/07/2007 in First Drive

As its first GM-engineered vehicle, Captiva is the most important vehicle for Chevrolet since the brand replaced the Daewoo badge in 2004.

First drive: Honda CR-V – on sale now
11/07/2007 in First Drive

The new CR-V has a lot to live up to. In the past two years, the old model overtook the Land Rover Freelander to become market leader. Sales have topped 16,000.

First drive: Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT – on sale now
11/07/2007 in First Drive

Maserati wants its Quattroporte to be considered the individualist’s choice in the luxury saloon sector, compared with BMW’s 7 Series, Mercedes Benz’s S-class and the Jaguar XJ.

First drive: Mercedes-Benz C-Class – on sale now
11/07/2007 in First Drive

With the new C-Class saloon, Mercedes-Benz has returned to its root values, citing safety, comfort and agility as the main attributes.

First drive: Peugeot 207 GTi – on sale now
14/06/2007 in First Drive

Peugeot wants its 207 GTi to have other hot hatches on the ropes the moment it enters the arena this month.

First drive: Proton Satria Neo 1.6GSX – on sale now
13/06/2007 in First Drive

The Satria Neo is aimed at male drivers over 30, rather than the boy racer brigade that its design suggests.

First drive: Audi R8 – on sale June
31/05/2007 in First Drive

Five seconds. That’s how long it took for a small crowd to gather round the Audi R8 during a driver changeover on the press launch in southern France.

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