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Access codes

What is an access code?

Access codes work similar to a personal PIN. It is a unique number that allows employees without company or personal email addresses to visit the survey website, enter their unique access codes, and complete the employee survey online.

Each employee without an email address will receive his/her own unique code to complete the survey.

We prefer to only send invitations to company email accounts, but personal accounts will be accepted if submitted. However, we may not be able to offer technical assistance if the invitations are not received to the personal accounts.

How can I get access codes?

Access codes are requested as part of the email upload portal, sent after registration closes. 

Can I request access codes for all of my employees?

No. In order to use access codes at least 70% of your employee population will need to have an email address.

In order to maintain the integrity of the survey process we cannot supply access codes for more than 30% of your employee population. (Example: If your company has 100 employees, and 70 employees have email addresses, the remaining 30 employees could use access codes to complete the survey.) 

How are the codes distributed?

A few days before the survey begins, the survey co-ordinator will receive a spreadsheet containing access codes and a login instructions letter with the survey website.

The survey coordinator will then assign each individual a unique access code and prepare the login instruction letter for distribution. Suggested distribution methods are listed below:

  • Send through inter-office mail
  • Send with company paychecks (If timing fits with survey start and deadline)
  • Mail the access codes to the employees’ homes
  • Have supervisors or survey co-ordinator hand-deliver an access code to each employee

Access codes can only be used one time and employees will need access to a private computer workstation to complete the survey online.

The distribution of access codes is the responsibility of the survey coordinator.

Best Companies Group requires each company to submit a checklist of its selection and distribution method of access codes.