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Programme overview

The Best UK Dealerships To Work For workplace assessment is a two-part process designed to gather information about each participating company.

Part one, the employer completes the Employer Questionnaire which details company policies, practices, benefits and demographics.

Part two, employees of the company complete the Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey, an in-depth set of 76 statements based on a 1-5 scale of ‘disagree strongly’ to ‘agree strongly’. The survey also includes two open-ended questions and seven demographic questions.

Both surveys are completed online, although a paper option is available if email and internet technology is not available for use by employees.

Best Companies Group will combine the results of the two surveys to determine which companies make the list of the Best UK Dealerships To Work For.

Participation is free of charge, and dealerships will have the opportunity of purchasing an employee feedback report from Best Companies Group which will provide comprehensive details of the surveys, including employee comments and benchmarking against peers.