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While determining who made 'the list' is very exciting and extremely beneficial to the ranked dealerships, the Best Companies Group Employee Feedback Report is where the real value lies.

All participating dealerships may purchase this in-depth report by Best Companies Group, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their workplace according to what their employees had to say.

The report is used to identify the opportunities that exist to build a better workplace. Please see report options below.

Employee Feedback Report (optional)

The Employee Feedback Report will include:

  • The Employee Demographic Report
  • The Employee Comments Report 
  • The Employee Benchmark Report (sent after the rankings are announced)
  • The Employer Benchmark Summary (sent after the rankings are announced)

Learn more about the Employee Feedback Report

Number of employees Regular price   Pre-survey pricing (save 10%)* 
15 - 24 £550  £495
25 - 99 £575  £515
100 - 199 £660  £595
200 - 499 £700  £630
500 - 2499 £760  £685
2500 + £795  £715
* Price as ordered on or before June 2, 2017.    

Orders received on or before June 2, 2017, will receive a 10% discount off the price of the Employee Feedback Report.