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How does CitNOW benefit new and used car sales? Why are ‘green’ videos important in aftersales? Can CitNOW help with amber follow-up?

How do you make sure that CitNOW delivers value in your bodyshop?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in this FAQs section.

If you have a question that isn’t covered or you would like more information about CitNOW’s personal video services, please get in touch.

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CitNOW is integral to all aspects of the customer journey.

It’s personal, timely and relevant and in this day and age, essential in helping to build customer relations.

From initial enquiry through to handover, CitNOW can be used to reinforce every aspect of the buying process.

Just because the customer is not physically there, doesn’t mean you can’t strike up a relationship with them.

Connect with the customer through a polite and friendly introduction, as if meeting them in person.

Answering any specific initial enquiries and provide a high quality, professional video of the vehicle they are interested in.

Be informative but speak in a way they will understand, instead of telling them a boot has 500 litres of space, show it in a way that makes sense by adding props such as luggage or a golf bag. Most importantly, know your product.

This Sytner Nottingham Audi video won the CitNOW Awards for best sales video and best overall video:

Use your initiative to pitch.

Look at what is happening in your service department to see who may be open to an upgrade.

Perhaps a four-six year old car that may need work in the near future.

Produce a short but informative video of a possible replacement, highlighting why you think they may be interested in it.

You may want to mention what the service advisor has recommended and compare those costs to future monthly payments on a new vehicle. 

Know your customer and use this knowledge to continue to build a relationship with them.

If they like Golf, mention it, same goes for other aspects that show that they are appreciated.

Treat it as if you were talking to them face-to-face, mention their kids or holidays and show that as customers they are valued and important.

New car sales benefit from CitNOW by providing sales staff with qualified leads.

By responding to detailed videos, customer enquiries are based on genuine interest not just passing interest, so waste less time.

As most customers have a pretty good idea what they want and only visit one or two dealerships, having a consistent, quality video is essential in converting initial online interest.

By providing an informative personal follow up you begin to engage with customers, helping to convert more leads into sales.

Used car sales inquiries can come from far and wide, by producing a high quality CitNOW you can greatly increase the chances of customer conversion.

A detailed informative video immediately helps build trust and transparency while also weeding out people who are not particularly interested, saving you time and effort in the future.

By letting your customer produce a CitNOW Trade In with the free app, you can offer them a realistic price for their vehicle. If you value it blind you stand the chance of disappointing them when you actually see the car. 

By using CitNOW for every step of the process.

This helps you help to build a rapport with your customer, makes them feel appreciated and lets you share the excitement of every aspect of the car buying process.

Build excitement by showing the car coming off the transporter, being prepped and even the handover itself. 

Cover all the details, show them little things that they may not expect, such as where the boot/filler release buttons may be, how the stereo and sat-nav works and again, relate it back to them.

"I know you like skiing so this is how the ski hatch works.”

Showing how some of the modern infotainment systems work on cars is almost impossible over the phone.

By using CitNOW you can show the customer a step by step guide to any function.

Actually use your own phone or iPod to demonstrate how it’s done, make it personal, and pick out features that you feel they may find interesting.

This way they can view it over and over again and stop and start it at their leisure, learning it at their pace.