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Yes, we integrate with all the major eVHC’s, including Infomedia, Manheim, autoVHC, Castrol Connect and Pinewood.

Yes, CitNOW should be integrated into every aspect of your workshop process.

This will involve the service advisor using it to keep customers informed, sending reminders and pricing up work through to the technicians providing detailed informed CitNOW Workshop videos that resonate with customers.

Where eVHC integration isn’t available, CitNOW offers a ‘Workshop Plus’ product presenting customers with a detailed account of the work to be carried out on their vehicle online and the ability to easily approve what parts they want to go ahead with.

A good workshop video only needs to be between one and 1.5 minutes long. If a video becomes too long the customer begins to lose interest.

By using a digital tyre gauge, you provide the customer with a simple, easy to understand visual aid.

Any other tyre defects should be highlighted with tyre chalk to help the camera pick them out.

By taking the wheel off and using brake pad wear indicators to show how much wear has taken place.

A simple visual guide works so much better than just giving measurements and builds trust with customers.

Also, instead of saying you have 2mm left, it is much more effective to say that the pads are 98% worn.

They give customers the feel good factor and the reassurance that everything is fine, helping to build trust and transparency. Green videos are also a great way to increase CSI scores.

Green videos should provide a brief overview that the vehicle is in a safe and satisfactory condition, show that the tyres and brakes are in good order and point out that the general condition is good.

Always remember to introduce you and your dealership and to say thank you at the end. 

It also helps not to sound disappointed that you cannot find any faults, remember this is a good thing for customers.

In the same way as you would approach a normal CitNOW with an introduction and brief overview of the vehicles condition.

However, this needs to be followed up with the areas that require immediate attention.

They should only be referred to as ‘issues’ or ‘areas of concern’ and not as faults.

It must be reiterated that the work must be done ‘TODAY’.

This can be further enforced with terms such as ’IMMEDIATE ATTENTION’.

It is also advisable to intersperse any bad news with items of good news.

Yes. By automatically sending the customer a CitNOW reminder of the work pending, closer to the time.

CitNOW’s amber follow-up product provides a clear reminder to the customer that work needs to be carried out, leading to a 25% increase in amber work follow up.

The most effective use of CitNOWs is to use them to manage the whole service procedure.

They can be used as an introduction, so customers can recognise their service advisor, explain where they are located in the dealership, through to letting customers know when their vehicle is available for collection, be it early or late and explaining the reasons why.