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Video: Audi Hull - the sales executive excites the viewer with the Audi R8

Simon’s friendly first name approach sets the scene for this six-and-a-half-minute video and if that sounds too long, there are several fantastic features on the R8 V10 Plus which he is eager to share.

Significantly, he refers to the telephone call with the interested party indicating that this video has been made in response to the enquiry a short while ago, a quick reply is impressive particularly when a professional video has been shot in that time..

He sets out the video objectives - showing the car’s exterior followed by interior and says he will then call the car buyer for his thoughts.

He uses the multipart editing function which allows different clips to be seamlessly stitched together by starting off introducing himself in an office but then moves outside to explore the car itself.

Simon outlines the model and focuses on the LED headlights which enhance visibility. He takes full advantage of the car’s sporty nature drawing particular attention to these stand-out features such as alloy wheel and ceramic brakes. He explains the car includes the sports pack plus with dynamic steering, magnetic ride and exhaust system which he promises to demonstrate at the end of the video.

This car is all about its sporty attributes and Simon makes the most of them.

Moving inside, he provides a thorough overview of the car highlighting the car’s start-up button followed by the button for the sports exhaust.  He even shows how the car will ‘learn’ from the driver’s driving style and adapt accordingly managing to convey the car’s high spec and advanced tech in an accessible way.

He goes on to highlight a series of features such as satnav, Bang & Olufsen sound system and DVD player and demonstrates how the reversing camera works as well as drawing attention to the car’s luxurious leather interior.

He reminds the viewer that he has promised the sports exhaust creating anticipation which he saves for the ‘finale’ and finishes by driving the car off into the distance.

The viewer can’t fail to be impressed by both the car and Simon’s performance.

Dealer: Audi Hull

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