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Video: Melville Holden & Suzuki - weaving additional detail in a BMW M3 video

Automotive video is a global business. With videos being recorded in over 40 countries, this month we were impressed by a video from Down Under. Sales executive Jason Callaghan of Melville Holden recorded this great personal video of a BMW M3, literally gleaming in the Australian sun.

Drawing attention to detail such as the alloy wheels and carbon-fibre roof (not a vinyl wrapped – a rap of the knuckles shows us that), Jason combines detail with an overview well, providing a variety of close-ups as well as panning out to ensure the car is viewed at every angle.

Seamless editing thanks to CitNOW Multipart sees Jason switch smoothly to what’s under the bonnet whilst he cleverly weaves additional detail such as the multi-point check into his commentary.

His explanation of keyless entry is clear and concise and as we are shown around the car by Jason, his attention to detail is exceptional. The beauty of video is that the customer can replay it numerous times, the detail which may have been missed on first viewing or, indeed, in person, can be scrutinised further as many times as required which makes homing in on the finer points hugely important.

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