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Video: Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff - driving the extra mile

A powerful psychological tool sales teams can use to progress enquiries is the power of reciprocity. It’s a basic human instinct that when somebody gives something of value to us we want to give something back.

The basis of Stephanie and Sophie’s video is simple; respond to a question on adaptive cruise control.

However, it demonstrates how video allows modern retailers to better exploit this trait through providing quick, valuable and convenient information to customers.  

The act of literally going the extra mile to answer their customer’s question not only provides a comprehensive, visual explanation but also delivers a much stronger push for the customer to take the next step.

All without explicitly ‘selling’ the vehicle.

Stephanie and Sophie’s smart combination of on-site resources with digital technology helped project their influence far beyond the showroom and won Sinclair Volkswagen the 2016 Overall CitNOW Video Award.

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