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Watch: Cooper York BMW - how to review a used car that hasn't been prepared

Videoing a used car yet to undergo the prep process may sound like a complete no-no, but this is a great example of reacting quickly as soon as a vehicle comes in.

With dealers still under criticism for overlooking women in the sales process, Danny ensure he greets this couple by both their names.

The car has just arrived so is yet to undergo the preparation process, but Danny obviously thinks it meets their requirements so has decided to go ahead and film whilst explaining this stunning looking car will look even better after the process has taken place.

Drawing attention to a car’s special features are important and Danny informs the couple that the colour is only available on this model of car. The feeling that you are looking at a very special car is eloquently conveyed and despite the fact it has yet to undergo the normal prep, a customer would be hard pushed not to be swayed.

He details the car’s fuel efficiency which is sure to be a selling point along with highlighting the speed and efficiency of the eight-speed gearbox. Inside, Danny explains the car needs to be valeted but the company policy is to bring the vehicle to the attention of people they know are likely to be interested.

The eight-minute video does not feel too long as there are many features to be highlighted which Danny undertakes expertly. He finishes off by assuring the customers that there are plenty of funding of options which he would be happy to discuss.

Dealer: Cooper York BMW

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