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Watch: Motorline Nissan Crawley - how to highlight features and talk through upgrade possibilities

A great example of how to highlight features and talk through upgrade possibilities of a new model.

Immediately the viewer is impressed because Brandon has said he would rather take a short video rather than send some images by email. The viewer feels special that the sales executive has taken the time to video the demonstrator to highlight certain aspects of the new car the customer wants to consider.

He explains the finishing pack and shows the styling aspects it incorporates. He is eloquent in his description of the new model and his enthusiasm is genuine. He demonstrates excellent product knowledge by talking about colour options and shows the new look badging. Brandon’s explanations of safety features such as forward and emergency braking system.

Inside the car, Brandon shows how the car is started on the centre console and highlights certain features. He explains the upgrade packs in great detail drawing particular attention to the safety aspects.

Brandon’s commentary flows easily and is packed with huge amounts of information in a short space of time. He concludes by talking about some of the offers including deposit contribution and free BOSE upgrade. Brandon has absolutely illustrated one of his closing points that this Nissan Micra offers a high number of features at a value price.

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