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Watch: Porsche Centre Glasgow - a video of a Porsche the customer watched 7 times

A video showing pre-owned Porsche 911 car in all it’s glory. It’s no wonder Craig’s customer watched the video seven times and gave Craig 5/5 using the ‘rate this video’ system.

In this high quality sales video, Craig Young from Porsche Centre Glasgow treats his prospects to a luxury video experience.

Demonstrating how to get the most out multi-part, Craig uses this feature to re-position both himself and the car between shots.

This enables him to show off the vehicle from the very best angles. Doing this whilst addressing the customer’s queries and adding in the Porsche’s unique selling points creates a personal, engaging video that matches the quality of the car.

Craig’s camera work and attention to his customer’s concerns are what makes this video stand out. But Craig also gets the basics spot on. The location and sound are good.

There is a comprehensive review of the exterior and interior and, crucially, Craig starts off by introducing himself, putting a name and face to the video. This is an important tip covered in CitNOW’s five-part 'do’s and don’ts' guide.

Doing this adds a bit of professional personality, and brings out the best of video by combining video’s reach with the familiarity of a face-to-face meeting.

Craig finishes with a strong call-to-action, stating how this car fulfills his customer’s requirements and providing a next step. All in all a comprehensive, high quality video guaranteed to be appreciated by the customer.

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