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Watch: Specialist Cars BMW Stevenage - brilliant visual demonstration of a BMW's technology

An absolutely brilliant visual demonstration of the car’s advanced technology which does not have the same impact if explained over the phone or in an email, reinforcing the power of video communication.

When a customer is looking for something specific (in this a case, a BMW 7 Series with advanced parking package), video can be the gamechanger providing arguably the only way to demonstrate a mechanism which whilst best experienced, video delivers an impactful preview.

Sales executive Ashley Baulk uses the entire video presentation to show how the parking package works. By focusing on the elements which he knows is of interest to the customer, Ashley practically guarantees he will capture the customer’s attention. Not only that, the package, which allows the driver to move the car backwards and forwards a few metres from outside the vehicle, has a much bigger impact when seen in action.

The smart key allows the driver to start the engine and move the car remotely, very handy in a tight parking space where doors cannot be opened fully. He even walks in front of the vehicle to show how the car can sense a person and stops automatically.

Ashley’s demonstration of the smart key’s capabilities and engine integration cannot be communicated as powerfully in any other medium than video.

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