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Watch: Wearside Audi - bending the rules to secure a sale

A great example of how and when to bend the ‘rules’ to show off your car and secure the sale. It's no wonder the customer snapped up the vehicle.

At seven minutes long this personal sales videos from Wearside Audi is longer than most. But Greg Hawkins gives a great example of how to bend the ‘rules’ and when to go beyond the guidelines. In this case the customer found the extra information Greg provided very helpful, watching it 12 times and rating the video 5/5 with Rate this Video. In fact it wasn’t long before they snapped up the vehicle.

The S5 coupe shown here is a feature rich car that deserves the additional time spent. Using CitNOW Multi-part Greg picks out specific features such as the LED headlights, dynamic front indicators and the new grille design. Inside, Greg refers to the light and vision pack and highlights the different features as he comes to them.

The key point is – more in depth information should be provided if the customer asks for it. Greg certainly rises to the occasion here.

When the customer bought the vehicle, Greg sent his thanks in another video message, further underlining video as a fantastic communication tool which customers love.

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Dealer: Wearside Audi

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