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Video: Howards Citroen Taunton - good news goes a long way

CitNOW is not always about showing the customer what faults have been found with their vehicles.

Personal video is also a great way to communicate with customers the happy news that their vehicles are in good condition.

‘Green’ videos are a great way of building trust and transparency, leading to greater customer confidence when work is later recommended. It shows you are prioritising the customer over short term gain.

What makes this particular ‘green’ video exceptional is the technician’s dedication to the customer.

Reporting on the details like disc wear, pad thickness and tyre depths gives the customer valuable information about their vehicle and puts Howards Taunton in an authoritative position for when those ‘keep an eye on’ items need replacing.

Even without an instant financial gain the video adds value to the completed service for a happier customer and greater revenue over the customer lifecycle. 

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