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Video: Mercedes-Benz Chesterfield - talking the customer's language

A common obstacle in the way of clear communication between technicians and customers is the language used in the workshop.

Whilst technical jargon is necessary for an efficient workshop, it doesn’t always mean a lot to your average customer.

Jason demonstrates an original and highly effective way to overcome this obstacle, using a laser pointer as a prop to help guide his customer through their video eVHC.

The customer can see, as Jason highlights components, that those 'whatchamacallits' are actually brake pad sensors and that those thingymabobs are in fact brake discs.

Having everyone on the same page increases understanding and subsequently engagement.

Not many people get a guided tour to the underside of their vehicle, and seeing how it works adds value to the service you offer.

Additionally, using tools of the trade like tyre depth gauges and micrometers further helps to communicate why the vehicle needs work done.

Together with a clear commentary and his laser pointer, Jason provides a compelling recommendation for the work required.

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