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Video: Pentagon Citroen Oldham - disc brake corrosion

In this personalised video Ian introduces himself as the technician working on the car and informs the customer that he has carried out an electronic vehicle health check. He highlights some concerns that he would like to bring to the customer’s attention.

He begins the video by focusing on the front of the car and works his way to the rear.

As he moves round the vehicle he demonstrates that all the tyres are in good shape, using a tyre depth indicator across the width of the tyre. He measures multiple points on each tyre to prove that the ware is fairly even across the tread.

He uses a brake pad measurement tool to show that all the pads are in good condition, but highlights his concerns about the corrosion to some of the brake discs. As he moves to the rear of the car he points out that the brake pipes are in good condition and that the suspension is also fine.

On returning to the front of the car, he mentions the fuel lines and confirms that they are okay. He finishes back on the front number plate and makes good use of the video to upsell an oil top up kit for the customer to carry in their car.

Ian then thanks the customer for using the dealership and lets them know that a service advisor will be in contact shortly.

Ian’s video was shortlisted in the ‘Best Workshop Video’ category at the CitNOW Video Awards 2015.

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