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Video: RRG Toyota Silsden - a short and precise appraisal

Jake has produced a short but precise video that lets the customer know that their vehicle is in a good condition apart from one concern that he feels should be dealt with immediately.

He starts on the front number plate and introduces himself as the technician working on the car. He explains that there is only one concern before highlighting the issue and makes a point of giving the customer the good news that their tyres and suspension are in good working order.

He then uses brake pad wear indicators to show that the brake pads are 70% worn and recommends they should be changed today to maintain effective stopping distances.

He then confirms it on the opposite side before continuing to the back of the vehicle and confirming that everything is in a good condition.

He finishes with a rear shot of the car registration plate, before thanking the customer for using the dealership and letting them know that a service advisor will be contacting them shortly to discuss next steps.

Jake’s video was shortlisted in the ‘Best Workshop Video’ category at the CitNOW Video Awards 2015.

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