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Video: Ford Hendy Tonbridge - the importance of avoiding jargon

Remembering customers are not familiar with motor industry ‘speak’ or the technology in use in the workshop is essential in ensuring a good workshop video is produced. It can be too easy to talk in terms which employees in the sector understand but mean nothing to everyone else.

Ian Hodge, technician at Ford Hendy Tonbridge does not fall into this trap explaining a vehicle health check to the customer and how the traffic light system works.

The nine-minute video is much longer than the usual health check video but Ian has a few minor issues to point out to the customer. Receiving such information over the phone or in an email would be confusing and possibly overwhelming. Seeing it explained on a video makes it much more accessible, plus the customer can replay anything they don’t understand, even pausing the video for a closer look.

An extremely thorough vehicle health check from Ian is packed full of relevant information whilst pointing out the various components is helpful. It also brings home the various mechanical and technical elements which technicians need to check. Not that we’re mechanically minded, but this looks to us like it could be used to help new apprentices.


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