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Video: Gates Ford Harlow - how friendly and professional keeps you listening

Friendly and informative, this video is a great example of how an approachable but professional manner keeps you listening until the end.

The friendly voice of technician Jason Stephenson of Gates Ford Harlow explains to the customer that the video will show some of the areas checked.

Straightforward and simple explanations which educate the customer are essential for creating trust and delivering transparency and Jason’s approachable yet professional demeanour draws the viewer into the video.

When showing the tread, Jason takes the time to explain how the wear is evenly spread and there are no bulges or cuts and he adopts a similar approach when showing the brake pads.

Comparing the wear on the customer’s brake pad to that of a new one is a brilliant way of illustrating good condition.

Showing there are no leaks and identifying no rust on the exhaust provides the customer with peace-of-mind.

This video is highly informative without becoming too technical and is delivered in a very pleasant, ‘nice to listen to’ way from Jason.

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