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Video: Horton Skoda - establishing trust and giving a price

Opening up with a positive comment is a great way to begin a video presentation and Andy Bassett of Horton Skoda reports the car has passed its MOT with no problems. Already the customer will be in a good frame of mind as Andy continues with the health check.

With all the components in good condition, Andy whizzes through the clean bill of health without dwelling unnecessarily but providing enough detail to enable the customer to understand the components which have been checked.

Such a positive and succinct explanation means when Andy recommends an air con service and a blocked rear windscreen washer is highlighted, it is more likely the work will be given the go-ahead.

An amber warning on two tyres including providing a likely future date when they will reach the legal limit is hugely helpful to the customer and has been reinforced having seen the tyre depth gauge measurement undertaken for themselves. With trust established and a cost provided, customers are far more likely to authorise the work or return to the business for replacement tyres in a few months’ time.


Dealer: Horton Skoda

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