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Video: Infiniti Newcastle - How video builds trust for aftersales customers

A brilliant example of how a driver of an 18-year-old Ford is given the same high standard of customer care and attention as those who drive vehicles from this premium brand dealership.

For Infiniti Newcastle technician Steven Stores it is immediately apparent that all customers are valued.

How could the owner of an older vehicle fail to be impressed by the same level of care and commitment technician Stores provides as he would for his premium brand Infiniti drivers?

Made more authentic by the background noise in the workshop including tools and music, which don’t drown out his voice or detract from what he is saying, this video clearly explains the car’s condition.

The tyre depth is shown which assures the driver plenty of tread remains before highlighting the damage to the alloys and recommending the tracking is checked.

The car’s overall good condition is further illustrated by close-ups showing the underside of the car, the suspension and shock absorbers.

There is no hard sell going on here and the driver would be very reassured that the vehicle is in excellent health.

The assurances provided backed up with visual evidence means Store’s recommendation for a wheel alignment is likely to be viewed as trustworthy and since he has been so open and transparent with the car overall, what’s the likelihood of the driver making a subsequent booking to check and adjust the tracking?

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