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Video: Marshall Peugeot Cambridge - reassuring a customer on the quality of their vehicle

Tony introduces himself and the fact he is undertaking a visual health check.

He starts by checking the tyre tread which he does so on camera reassuring the customer they are in good condition and showing the reading.

His close ups of the underside of the vehicle reveals no corrosion and he again assures the owner the suspension components are in good condition as too are the CV joints which are not split.

Brake pads have 10 ml of tread on both sides indicating good condition.

He checks the mounts on the exhaust which are secure.

There are no signs of leakage or corrosion.

This quick run through is reassuring even if you have no real idea of the parts Tony refers to but by identifying the vital components and showing there is no rust, and we all know what rust looks like, the video provides peace of mind. He finishes by saying the service advisor will be in contact shortly.

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