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Video: Mervyn Stewart Skoda - tried and tested leads to consistency and clarity

Following the tried and tested format provides consistency and clarity for the viewer and this technician introduces himself whilst showing the car’s registration so the owner is assured it is the right vehicle.

Straight away he spots a problem with the tyre tread and highlights it immediately recommending changing the tyre because it is so close to the minimum tread. The second tyre is actually below the legal limit so the technician clearly points out the tyres should the owner be stopped by the police a three point penalty will be incurred.

Whilst everything is fine underneath the vehicle, the technician highlights future issues with the rear tyres, at 4 ml the owner is cautioned to keep an eye on this and be alert to further wearing to the point it needs to be changed.

The technician talks about a grinding noise which had been highlighted by the customer and finds the brake pads are 90% worn.

He explains how the noise is caused advising the brake pads should be changed imminently. He demonstrates both using a marker and also highlights a broken rear windscreen wiper, again advising action to be taken.

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