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Video: Nicholas Mee & Company - delivering bad news in a reassuring way

The technician starts by saying there is something he wants to show the V8 Vantage customer about her car following a road test.

He mentions several components in various states of corrosion which the video graphically illustrates. Close ups should mean the message hits home.

Whilst the components probably mean nothing to the customer, he explains the issue quickly and effectively and how it can be fixed.

He draws attention to numerous parts but does so in a careful considered way explaining each one and the reasons it should be fixed or replaced.

He makes a series of recommendations including investigating the air conditioning which was not operating and a cable tie holding the air con unit in place. He goes on to raise the car to inspect the suspension which is quite rusty.

Communicating a long list of faults to the customer is never easy, but video allows them all to be graphically illustrated which is much more impactful than simply emailing the detail of the work required. The technician is calm and measured, there is no drama even though he is delivering quite bad news.

Showing the rust at such close quarters is far more impactful than the written words which for the non-technical person would be difficult to interpret.

The video is long - 12 minutes, but with some serious faults which need addressing,all the information is relevant. The technician also offers solutions for the various faults and finishes by pulling everything together and is reassuring in that he says there is nothing which can’t be repaired.

At the end he sums everything up as it is likely to be mind-blowing for the customer so whilst the repairs look extensive he assures her in general the car is ok and the repairs are ‘nothing too detrimental’

He finishes up by asking her to contact the business for further advice.

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