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Video: Pentagon Lincoln Citroen - vehicle check

The customer is greeted by the technician, Nathan who guides the customer to the first tyre to check. Immediately, he shows the customer the tyre tread depth gauge which will give the measurement life left on the tyre.

During this, he shows the customer each reading on the tool and reads it out to make sure it is clear and understood. Nathan then moves underneath the tyre to show all the compartments such as the spring.

His camera movement is kept smooth and he accurately inspects parts to the customer.

Once Nathan speaks about the brakes, he shows the customer the brake pad gauge tool which is used to show the wear on the pad, due to the positioning of the brakes Nathan is unable to use this tool fully but as he informs the customer of the reading, he shows the gauge at the same time so the customer knows it is within the green.

Nathan continues to use his tyre and brake gauge tools throughout all checks of the vehicle.

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