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Video: Pentagon Vauxhall - good camera work to help with the amber follow up process

Dean starts his video by introducing himself as the technician working on the vehicle and showing the front number plate.

He begins his tour by showing the depth of the tread using a tyre depth gauge. He uses gloves in accordance with company policy.

Then, using the iPod to its best advantage, he shows the brake pads in close up, confirming the amount of degradation with a brake pad wear indicator, mentioning that this is in the amber category on the vehicle health check, and will need to be looked at in the near future.

Dean mentions that it has been booked in for a complimentary brake test at a future date to re-assess the pad wear.

He builds trust by saying that it shouldn’t be done just yet as there is still useable material on them. 

The inspection continues with a look at the engine and suspension system as well as the brake lines and fuel pipes, confirming that there are no issues. This helps to balance the video by providing good news in addition to the work that needs carrying out.

He finishes on the rear number plate and uses the opportunity to upsell by recommending a couple of additional services that the customer may be interested in.

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