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Video: Pentagon Vauxhall Oldham - taking time to explain an oil leak

Kevin greets and introduces himself to the customer.

He moves onto the tyres and uses his tyre tread depth gauge to take a measurement to show the customer the life left on the tyre. As he takes the reading, he shows the customer the result. He uses the tool with the other tyres, keeping up consistency with readings.

He also mentions that the legal limit in the UK is 1.6mm.

He positions the camera within the alloy to show the brake pad to the customer, he uses a brake pad gauge to show the measurement.

Unfortunately, the car has an oil leak and Kevin takes his time to inform the customer of the problem, using customer friendly language so the customer can understand. He recommends various items to be replaced and adds emphasis to this.

As he presents a call to action, he focuses on the back registration plate. He informs the customer of his recommendations for the car before thanking the customer for watching the video.


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