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Video: Soper Lincoln - graphic evidence of corrosion

Increasingly video is being used when work is undertaken as part of a warranty claim. It not only helps explain the work required to the customer, but is also used as evidence for the warranty company. Likewise, if a claim is rejected, video can help explain the reason to the customer.


BMW technician Alex Rowe of Soper Lincoln provides graphic evidence of corrosion to the car’s alloy wheels, but also highlights the need for a contribution from the customer as kerb damage is apparent on one wheel.

The use of video makes the whole process much more transparent and more efficient as both the warranty company and the customer can see the damage for themselves and understand the technician’s assessment.

Alex is very forthright in his analysis and clearly explains his decisions which should mean the customer and the warranty company are completely comfortable with his assessment.

Using video in this way illustrates its power in achieving the right outcome in warranty claim situations which can often be fraught.


Dealer: Soper Lincoln

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