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Video: TrustFord Tamworth - how to balance bad news with good news

How to balance bad news (a fault) with good news (it’s covered by warranty and the rest of the checks show the car to be in good condition), this video highlights an issue whilst restoring confidence.

The opening line from technician Richard Thompson of TrustFord Tamworth that the vehicle has a clean bill of health means the customer is reassured before the video has practically begun despite the fact that a fault has been identified.

He then goes on to talk about the problem of juddering when pulling away which had led to the customer booking the vehicle into the workshop.

Richard shows the customer a close-up of the diagnostic report and explains what it means and the issue.

He very quickly informs the customer the problem is covered under the car’s warranty.

The rest of the video is taken up with the regular check illustrating that the car is otherwise in good working order providing reassurance and rebuilding confidence which could have been dented following the fault the customer was concerned about.

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