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Watch: Harwoods Basingstoke - how video can achieve the clarity an email or phone call cannot

A clear and concise video which explains issues with clarity and demonstrates how a visual alongside an explanation serves to graphically highlight a problem in a way an email or a phone call could not achieve.

For customers with limited understanding of their vehicle’s workings actually seeing the problem brings home the severity and is more likely to mean the work is given the go-ahead.

Caz James provides an in-depth walk-around of the Freelander on the ramp at Harwoods Basingstoke incorporating all the relevant information delivering her presentation in a concise and clear manner.

Tyre depth and brake pads are measured and she shows the customer in a visual way that they have a clean bill of health. Caz then films the brake discs showing them to be heavily corroded and explains they will need to be changed on the next visit.

The customer had mentioned a knocking noise and Caz both explains and videos the problem - a roll bar snapped in half.

Combining the verbal explanation with footage makes the issue more easily understandable to the customer as well as increasing the likelihood that the work will be authorised.

Caz also shows how the roll bar is rubbing against another part of the vehicle which has worsened the problem, the result is clear to see in the video.

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