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Watch: Think Ford Reading - a millennial in his comfort zone?

Think Ford technician Elliot Bradley has a light tone and he sounds completely at ease presenting and videoing. Judging by his name and the sound of his voice, we would make a guess that he is a younger technician, perhaps an indication that making video is completely in the millennial’s comfort zone.

He provides a full explanation of the complimentary health check and the traffic light system assuring the customer the results are mostly green with a few ambers. He sets up the ‘scene’ nicely so there are no shocks for the customer when he comes to explain the amber work.

He starts with explaining the legal and recommended tyre depth and illustrates how two of the tyres are close to the legal limit and to monitor wear on the rear tyres.

The ‘tour’ of the vehicle’s various aspects are undertaken quickly but are comprehensively explained showing these to be in ‘good’ health. The close-ups are helpful as it allows the customer to put a name to the part and gain a better understanding of the car’s workings. This insight will give customers confidence when discussing work to be carried out.

Whilst he highlights the amber work, he does not scaremonger and he also mentions Ford’s recommended air con service and brake change timings as well as current service extras (pollen filter and spark plugs) thereby drawing attention to additional items the customer may wish to consider.


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