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Watch: White Dove Cardiff - a precise and comprehensive health check

A concise and comprehensive health check from Steve Taplin at White Dove Cardiff. He presents a vehicle health check succinctly whilst packing in all the information necessary for the customer.

Crucially, the technician Steve Taplin keeps his language straightforward and his explanations are clear. There’s no puff, Steve is to the point with a close-up of the tyre depth measurement right in the centre of the shot which he subsequently does for each of the tyres as he moves around the car.

As he talks assuring the customer of the car’s well-being, he points out the various pieces of equipment educating the customer as he goes. He tells the customer what he is looking at and what he is looking for providing reassurance that no work is required and other parts of the vehicle, such as the exhaust, are also securely fitted in place.

Following the quick but comprehensive and informative check of the car, when Steve advises the customer that the car’s tracking should be adjusted and the air con check suggests further investigation is required, it is far more likely to elicit a positive response following his earlier transparency and clean bill of health.

Far from being a distraction, the music in the background adds life and colour. Steve finishes by saying the service advisor will be in touch so the customer knows to expect further contact from the dealership.

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