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Video: WJ King Bromley Seat - how a technician can connect with the customer

Being able to connect with a customer and share in a mutual appreciation of a common interest is a great way to build relationships.

Often used by sales teams, video offers the opportunity for technicians to do the same to increase the selling power of their recommendations.

The introduction to this video is professional, explaining in detail and with the use of a pointer, exactly what items are going to be inspected.

The crucial point though is the technician’s clear and shared enthusiasm for the aftermarket scene, which allows him to connect with the customer.

This is one of the key elements of video, being able to show your customers your character, wherever they are.

Shared hobbies and experiences build relationships, and strong customer relationships are a key factor in attaining healthy retention rates.

Videos like this are also a great way to attract customers through word of mouth through shared video’s between friends and social media.

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