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Video road test: Nissan 350Z Roadster GT



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Let’s get the negative out of the way first. The only thing that lets the Nissan 350Z Roadster down is its soft top roof. A few years ago it would have been fine, but with all the fancy metal folding roofs around now it feels and looks a bit dated.

Now on to the rest. The engine, which is 80% new is slightly higher than its predecessor, resulting in a redesigned bonnet with a more raised profile.

Our test model came with the new no cost option trim called Frost, which with its pale grey tine gives the interior a classy look. The materials used all over the cabin have a high-quality feel to them. I especially liked the soft leather steering wheel with the Zorro-type Z inscribed in the middle.

The GT pack, which adds £2,500 to the price, includes heated and electric powered leather sports seats, a 240W Bose stereo with seven speakers and cruise control. This is a package that dealers should have no problem selling, with the Birdview sat-nav adding a further £1,200.

Driving is comfortable and the 350Z handles superbly, sticking to the road and really inspiring confidence. With its deep, throaty sound and good looks, this car deservedly attracts attention from passers by.

Price From £30,795
Engine: 3.5-litre V6
Performance: 0-62mph: 5.9sec; top speed: 155mph
Transmission: Six-speed manual
Efficiency: 23.5mpg; 288g/km CO2
Rivals: BMW Z4, Porsche Boxster, Audi TT
Strengths: Quality interior, sleek exterior
Threat: High calibre rivals

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