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Euro Car Parts

One call for peace of mind

Workshop Solutions is the unltimate one-stop-shop - the total technical partner service for all of your garage eequipment needs

Understanding which tools are best to complete jobs effectively, what the most efficient layout for your workshop is, and how to tackle complex service and repair jobs successfully are
challenges every workshop faces. That’s where Workshop Solutions comes in.

Workshops Solutions is an unrivalled range of garage products and services provided by Euro Car Parts, the UK’s leading supplier of car and LCV parts. The team offer tailored support to workshops and bodyshops in completing work efficiently and profitably.

It not only provides an unmatched range of equipment at very competitive prices, but also a full breadth of consultancy and support services, plus access to a wide range of up-to-date training courses. In short, it’s a complete package to help independent garages, motor manufacturer groups and bodyshops nationwide make even more of a success of their

Every service you need

Whether you need garage equipment, services or training, Workshop Solutions has it covered. What’s more, all tools, services and projects are provided at very competitive prices and delivered on time. Workshop Solutions includes:

  •  Vehicle Lift Maintenance & Repairs
  • MOT Equipment Calibration
  • Tool Calibrations
  • Electrical Works
  • LEV Test & Service
  • Full Waste Management
  • Project Management
  • New Equipment Installations
  • Workshop Refits and Installations
  • Equipment Training
  • Building Works
  • Welding Equipment Servicing
  • Health & Safety Guidance 

To find out more contact the Workshops Solutions team on 01827 838481 or your nearest Euro Car Parts branch. 



Plot 3, Danny Morson Way, Dordon, Tamworth B78 1SE

01827 838 481