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Does It Sell Cars?

Car and van dealers come to us when they want to get better at selling cars and vans.  They want to understand “what are my sales teams saying to my customers?”

Are they offering test drives, engaging with customers and explaining finance properly?

Are they following up prospects and contacting customers once they’ve taken delivery?

What does the customer think?  And what can I do about it?

Using our industry-hardened surveys online or on mobile, or using our Harrogate research centre we get answers that give you control of your business.


Remove Fear

Don’t be afraid your team are doing the wrong thing – know they’re doing it right.


Improve stock turn

The insight that gives you control is presented in an easy format (our reports are nuts!) and enable you to improve customer service.  And we know that when you improve customer service you improve stock turn.  In fact, if you improve the promoter score by 20% you increase the speed of sales by 5.9%.  

And 35% of “lost sales” are still in the market to buy.  We help them buy from you…


Share your success

On top of that we take that feedback in the form of reviews and, with permission, share them across the internet.  Your website, other review websites, Google, Auto Trader and

Recent research by Auto Trader demonstrates that advertisers with 6 reviews take twice as long to sell vehicles as those with a couple of hundred.  By using JudgeService our clients get the view of around 40% of their customers, rather than the view of the very disgruntled one or two.


A virtuous circle

Plus the use our “Right to Reply” to respond to customers, delighted or in need of resolution, and of course improve the customer service going forward, creating a virtuous circle of great customer service creating great reviews which in turn encourages more enquiries and sales.


Don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what some of our customers say:

“JudgeService came into my business 6 months ago when I started the role as sales manager, we had no Auto Trader reviews, however with the help of the sales team data capture and service provided by Judge, we have now secured over 40 positive reviews, and I personally love the widget on the homepage of our website.”  Garry Porter, Sales Manager, Town & Country Cars Ltd

“JudgeService has been stress free from the start. We have started to see areas in our business we can improve on quickly and the return rate on feedback is far higher than we ever expected. The after sales support has been amazing as we got used to using the new dashboard and setting up Snap N Share. We can highlight and drill down to individuals who need extra training to give the customer the experience they deserve.”  Danny Fearn, Just Motor Group


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