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Real World Analytics

Real World Analytics provides a data analytics solution that brings all your DMS’s and other systems’ data into one place. For years Dealer Groups have struggled to get timely and accurate information about their performance without the reliance of people manually running a multitude of reports and then matching them against budget.

The Business Intelligence (BI) solution is designed to offer different layers of information, to different levels in the business, so that everyone has the right information, at the right time to do their job efficiently. The solution leads with an Executive Dashboard which shows the main KPIs on one page. Senior management can then drilldown to the detail for further investigation. Multiple data sources are combined to enrich the information presented to the reader. Report packs are delivered on agreed schedules to all levels of the business, so everyone is working with the same data set. RWA can integrate with CDK to extract data from your DMS and then integrate your budgets and targets.


Benefits to the Dealer


Dealer Sales


  • Automatically generated KPIs for Dealer Group
  • Performance Management:
  • Measure Sales Executives Performance against Target
  • Measure upsells such as GAP, Paint Protections
  • Measure GPU
  • Increase your sales and margin by managing your Manufacturer rebates
  • Tightly manage your inventory to free up cash
  • Integrate inventory with sales to clear out slow moving stock
  • Improved stock management by identifying what is over and under stocked


Dealer Aftersales


  • Manage parts trade accounts to maximise potential by identifying opportunities and risks
  • Increase your sales and margin by managing your sales mix
  • Drive workshop performance measuring Efficiency, Productivity and Utilisation across each Dealership and Technician
  • Improve technician’s performance with automated league tables
  • Manage Service and Parts Advisors performance
  • Identify potential stock transfers within your own Parts Departments



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