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  • Supplier News 14 May

    MP swaps The Houses of Parliament for car auction house Member of Parliament The Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP swapped The Houses of Parliament for the auction house with a visit to Letchworth Motor Auctions. Heald visited the auction group’s Hertfordshire facility as part of a fact-finding opportunity organised by the National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) member. The MP for North East Hertfordshire, was keen to take up the offer of a site visit as part of a bid to gain a better understanding of how motor auctions are operated and see the employment and business opportunities available in the sector. NAMA said in a statement “It was also an opportunity for him to see the significance of the site to the local economy”. Louise Wallis, head of NAMA, was on hand to highlight to Sir Oliver Heald a number of industry issues, including Brexit, the changing legislation and consumer approaches to diesel-fuelled vehicles, mileage fraud and debit card charges which are costing the industry almost £1.8 million a year. Wallis said: “The visit provided an opportunity for Sir Oliver Heald to find out more about the Letchworth Motor Auctions, and the importance of motor actions to the UK economy.”