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The 2018 UK Franchised Dealer Report - PDF version

The 2018 UK Franchised Dealer Report - PDF version


The traditionally cyclical nature of the new car market left few industry observers expecting the 2.7 million registrations achieved in 2016 to be sustainable. And 2017 proved them right.

Yet, despite the fall, the UK's car market has remained one of the strongest on record according to the SMMT, and if it does settle in the next 24 months at a natural level of around 2.4 million units franchised dealers will be able to plan and adapt accordingly, taking out cost and reviewing their suppliers as necessary.

Brexit negotiations, a weak government, currency fluctuations and fragile consumer confidence may bring some challenges ahead. However, our expert contributors believe there is plenty franchised dealers can do to strengthen their foundations.

AM’s sixth edition of our annual UK Franchised Dealer Report drills down into the detail of the risks and opportunities presented in 2017 and includes expert insight into what lies ahead.




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