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After PSA's takeover of Vauxhall/Opel, do you think the motor industry needs more manufacturer consolidation? Please leave a comment.

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AM100 Dinner: hear from the man who was at the centre of power the day the world changed

“We live in the most uncertain times that I have known since I was in Moscow back in 1984.

Apprentice levy delays for small and medium dealers due to £1.2bn oversubscription

Small to medium sized dealer groups may experience a delay in receiving their apprenticeship funding due to the number of companies applying to access levy money.

Vincent Tourette appointed as Groupe Renault UK managing director

Vincent Tourette has been appointed managing director of Groupe Renault UK, effective today.

Bank of England to get tough on PCP credit culture

The Bank of England has confirmed that it considering more stringent regulations which would usher in strict affordability checks in a bid to avoid a PCP-prompted financial crisis.


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NFDA chairman Mark Squires

Franchised dealers told to shout more about their strengths

NFDA chairman Mark Squires wants franchised dealers to shout about what they’re good at to help battle negative consumer perceptions over service pricing.

Peter Vardy CarStore

Peter Vardy poised for Dundee CarStore opening

Peter Vardy Group is poised to open its second CarStore used car supermarket as work on a £7 million facility in Dundee nears completion.

Dean Pipitone, Cooper Solutions

Dealership employees rack up a £2m BIK overspend, reveals audit

Three out of four car dealership employees are overpaying BIK tax on their company vehicle according to an audit carried out by Cooper Solutions.

Mercedes-Benz S Class Facelift

Mercedes-Benz reveals face-lifted S Class (gallery)

Mercedes-Benz has updated its flagship S Class for 2017 with a suite of new engines and advanced driver assistance systems.


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