The Tesco tale develops

The Tesco tale develops

05/04/2011 in

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Tesco has got it out in the open. It is selling used cars (as Tesco Cars, through the former Carsite operation).

What is less overt, however, is a sister website - - it's worth a look.

Essentially the National Service Network offering operated under Tesco's brand, it could have the potential to tempt some customers away from the franchised network.

Easy online or telephone booking, a promise of cheaper priced services, no-hassle car collection and re-delivery, wash and vacuum, 12-month guarantee and OE-matching quality parts.

If Tesco decides to put a wad of marketing money behind it could become the brand to worry about, never mind Kwik-Fit.

I put in the registration of a new Volkswagen we're reviewing at present, and the Tescoautocentres website quoted me for a choice of services, including a 12-month service for £184.69, and left me just a mouse-click away from confirming the booking.

So dealers, ensure you take every opportunity to remind your customers of the value they get from your aftersales services.

If you don't already put your customer's convenience and satisfaction at the heart of your business, such as by providing car collections or online bookings, you must seriously think about it now.





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