Standox UV refinish primer accelerates drying process

Standox UV refinish primer accelerates drying process

12/10/2001 in All News

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Standox, part of DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC), is developing a range of UV products which it claims will slash repair times.

The paint maker has released details of a UV curing primer currently being tested by selected Standox bodyshop partners in Europe.

Erik Karrenberg, Standox product marketing manager, claimed the primer, termed UV Quick Filler at a summer launch in Switzerland, was “a step into a new dimension”.

He said: “Our filler takes only a few seconds for through-hardening.”

The filler is applied at the usual film thickness but is cured by a special UV lamp, supplied by Standox. No other tools are required.

Standox international marketing manager Theo Euteneuer said: “Many vehicles can be repaired within a short period of time. This is an effective tool especially for high-throughput bodyshops.

A Standox spokesman said the product was still being field tested – no timetable had been set for its launch to the UK, though it was likely to be next year.

“UV is a brilliant answer to the problems of primers which because of the film thickness require more time and heat for thorough through-hardening,” he said.

“The UV filler solves these problems because of its rapid drying time.”

UV Quick Filler, which complies with existing Standox products, also meets environmental legislation.

“We expect the UV filler to take off rapidly when it is launched in the UK,” said the spokesman. “There are enormous ramifications for the speed of repair, but also energy saving on oven baking times, which further reduces bodyshop costs.”

The filler can be used on any size repair, but is idea for rapid throughput spot repairs, which have become increasingly common.

DPC said its other two brands – DuPont Refinish and Spies Hecker – would share the technology and develop their own UV-based products.



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