Quentin Willson pushes Castrol Oil campaign

Quentin Willson pushes Castrol Oil campaign

30/05/2008 in All News

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Castrol Oil has joined forces with motoring journalist Quentin Willson to help push its Right Oil for Your Car campaign.

Its aim is to educate drivers on the important of using the right oil for their car, highlight the effects of using the wrong oil and raise awareness among motorists of where to get advice on the right oil to use.

Rob Stroud, Castrol marketing manager said: "Our research found that half of UK motorists are unsure whether they are using the right oil, a statistic compounded by the fact that over 50 per cent of all oil sold in supermarkets and on the high street is the incorrect type or grade for the car.

"Having Quentin on board is a great opportunity to make a real difference to British motorists and help raise awareness around the issue of choosing the correct oil for your car."

Willson said: "This campaign will go a long way towards helping drivers become more aware of which oil they should be using and encouraging them to seek advice if they're not sure."



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