Toyota reveals Aygo supercar concept

Toyota reveals Aygo supercar concept

13/06/2008 in All News

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Toyota has revealed the first pictures of its Aygo Crazy “shopping supercar” concept which will makes its world debut at the London Motor Show next month.

The one-off Crazy concept is inspired by rallying and has no electronic handling aids, no power steering and no ABS. Toyota describes it as a “kart with doors and a roof”.

Although it’s still recognisably an Aygo, it features a custom-made body kit, 17-inch alloys and Goodyear 225/45 tyres.

The new concept is powered by the same 200bhp 1.8 VVT-i unit that powered the final generation Celica and MR2 roadster.

While the Aygo Crazy is a one-off concept it will be hitting the show circuit and be on the road this summer.



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