CV: Keely Hemmings

CV: Keely Hemmings

04/06/2009 in All News, People News

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CV: Keely Hemmings

Keely Hemmings (38), Head of HR, Motorpoint of Derby

How did you get in to the automotive business?
I hadn’t worked in the automotive sector until I joined Motorpoint. The opportunity was actually suggested to me by a mutual business associate who thought my personality as well as my management style would be in an ideal fit at the car supermarket. And, she wasn’t wrong.

What does your job entail?
Managing all the HR & training requirements for over 300 people across Motorpoint five sites. And being out on the road a lot of the time.

How will your job change over the next few years?
I believe in the present economic climate I probably have one of the few roles in HR which is likely to involve working in a growth environment. In terms of the future, I see myself becoming much more involved at a strategic level, as I believe good HR is at the forefront of any successful business.

Previous jobs?
They have been many and varied, including 10 years in the print industry, another male dominated world. I also spent three years as a HR Consultant, which was fun.

What advice would you give to young people planning to join the industry?
Do your homework, be patient and wait for the right opportunity with a good sound business. And don’t be blinded by the big corporates. SMEs are much more fun I can assure you.

What keeps you awake at night?
A good question. The kids, my husband, a curry - take your pick

What business person inspires you and why?
I’m rarely inspired by anyone. I know that sounds a bit big headed but I generally do my own thing and to hell with the consequences!

Favourite book 
I am not really a reader as I don’t have the time but give me a good fashion mag, bar of chocolate and my slippers, and I am in my element.

Favourite holiday
Anything that involves the sun, sea and spending time with my family.

Favourite film
It has to be ‘Indecent Proposal’. There are many reasons but mainly the financial prospects intrigue me

Favourite music
Anything from the 80’s although the new album from the Kings of Leon ‘rocks’.

First car
A brand new, white XR2. I still miss it.

Dream car
Anything with a Bentley badge on the front of it. 



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youknowme - 4 weeks ago

I can remember the xr2. It had many 7s in the reg

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