Kia rolls Superservice Menus out worldwide

Kia rolls Superservice Menus out worldwide

24/03/2010 in All News

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Infomedia, which provides customer service information systems to the automotive industry, has signed a five-year agreement with Kia Motors, endorsing the use of the company’s Superservice Menus service quoting and selling system for Kia authorised dealership service departments worldwide.

Superservice Menus provides dealerships with a range of service, maintenance and repair menus for the preparation of customer quotes, repair orders and invoices.

By improving the efficiency and transparency of presenting authorised service information, Superservice Menus is aimed at enhancing dealership productivity, profitability and customer retention.

In Europe, Superservice Menus is already used by Kia dealerships in a number of countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, and the UK.



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